Race Rules

NOTE: Without a doubt a variety of racing rules have already been created in different parts of the world which are already in use. IRCSSA does not intend to change any of the rules currently in use. We will however provide a program of additional sets of rules which can be used for comparing performance of yachts and sailors in various parts of the world with their counterparts anywhere else in the world. We intend to maintain a permanent “RULES COMMITTEE” to create and maintain this program.

A variety of types will be addressed such as (1) Competition between two or more sailors, (2) One way speed trials, (3) Two way speed trials, etc.

Speed Trials:

The rules for speed trials represent the last work Bill Korsgard did for IRCSSA. And it is the first attempt toward international RC surface sailing competition, one of the primary goals in IRCSSA’s mission. Bill was our Vice President but was also the Chairman of the Rules Committee. I hope this will generate competition around the world. The competition will be conducted essentially by the honor system and is available to any IRCSSA member anywhere. Please feel welcome to join the action.

EXAMPLE: Spanish Racing Rules: